“It’s good to start early. I started writing aged 4 and I got published at 58.”
- Marina Lewycka


In a Creative Writing workshop at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair earlier today, Marina Lewycka had many gems of advice for emerging writers, with particular focus on narrative voice. Some key points included:

The most important thing about becoming a writer is discovering your narrative voice. Once you’ve done that telling your stories will become seamless.

After you have an idea, the first crucial decision for novel-writing is who is going to tell the story. The narrator is who your reader engages with, and it’s hard choosing someone who will grip your reader for 500 pages.

Don’t wait to start writing. You can only think about your book so much. It’s only when it appears on a page that you can start to fix things, so get some pages done then think about it.

Reading gives people the power to see the world through someone else’s eyes. That is the gift that writers can give a reader.