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  • The National Writers’ Conference 2015

    Sat 30 May, 12:00 AM

    The centrepiece of the Emerging Writers’ Festival, the National Writers’ Conference is the place to be for emerging writers hungry to hear from leaders in the field, develop their skills, and meet other excited word-nerds. Two days at Town Hall is a great way to spend a weekend, and this year’s timetable is packed.


    Get up close and personal with our festival ambassadors and special guests. Ask them the big questions, the little questions, the good questions. Now’s your chance!

    Saturday 11am – Kylie Ladd

    Saturday 12pm – Anna Poletti

    Saturday 2pm – William McInnes

    Saturday 3pm – Sulari Gentill

    Sunday 12pm – Oslo Davis

    Sunday 2pm – Ni Made Purnamasari, Aan Mansyurin Conversation with Deryn Mansell

    Sunday 3pm – Working in the Arts: In Conversation with Joe Toohey, Justine Hyde and Esther Anatolitis



    Park yourself in the spectacular Swanston Hall and
    hear the emerging and emerged tackle contemporary
    writing issues.


    Saturday 11am
    Is the freelance lifestyle all mid-morning
    coffee dates and endless free time, or is the
    reality more 2 Minute Noodles and chasing
    invoices? Four writers with a knack for
    freelance talk about what it looks like to work
    unconventionally, and how to make it work for
    you. Featuring Sam Cooney, Gillian Terzis,
    Ellena Savage and Connor Tomas O’Brien.
    Saturday 12pm
    Why do we like what we like, and should we
    even care? Why do we dissect things, and
    what value is there in examining the merits of
    the latest band, book, or show? Hear some of
    the newest and best voices in criticism chat
    about how they approach reviewing work,
    be it a book, film, stage show or everyone’s
    favourite: music. Featuring Chad Parkhill,
    Jane Howard, James Tierney and
    Rebecca Harkins-Cross.
    Saturday 2pm
    Cut, paste, print, draw, photocopy, staple:
    zines are an enduring art form in the age of
    the digital. What makes the zinesters tick?
    What makes a good zine, and what do you
    need to start? Hear from some creators with
    a range of different projects on where they
    got their start and just what it is about the call
    of the stapler that keeps them coming back.
    Featuring Cameron Baker, Anna Poletti,
    Oslo Davis, and Alexandra Duguid.
    Saturday 3pm
    Emerging is not a synonym for ‘young’,
    but these writers definitely fall into both
    categories. What they lack in age they make
    up for with talent, already having published
    debut novels. What’s the trick to moving
    so fast? Pick the brains of Oliver Mol, Eli
    Glasman and Eliza Henry-Jones.
    Sunday 10am
    While many of us have been saying we
    ‘want to be writers when we grow up’ our
    entire lives, others have had some less than
    conventional journeys to the written word.
    From boxing to ghostwriting, come along
    and hear the stories of these writers whose
    work and lives have taken some colourful
    turns. With Trent Kusters, Mischa Merz, and
    Adeline Teoh. Hosted by Geoff Orton.
    Sunday 11am
    Having a conversation with a stranger can
    be daunting at the best of times, let alone if
    you’re grilling them about their work. What’s
    the best way to talk to someone about their
    work, and how hard should you push? Get
    some tips from experts Emily Laidlaw,
    Madeleine Dore, Neha Kale and
    Veronica Sullivan

    Sunday 12pm
    It’s the dream, isn’t it? To have your novel
    published and feel like a ‘real writer’. While
    the ways we read and write are constantly
    evolving, for many writers it’s still the ultimate
    goal. We chat to some writers about their
    journey to the finished piece, about living the
    novel dream and what the future may have in
    store for novelists.
    Featuring William McInnes, Kylie Ladd,
    Sulari Gentill. Hosted by Alice Robinson.
    Sunday 3pm
    The television machine is always rumbling,
    and it can be easy to forget that each
    program has a team behind it. Who are the
    writers behind the TV shows we love, and
    how did they get there? Is writing for TV really
    like the 30 Rock writers’ room? These writers
    chat about their careers and what it’s like to
    see your words spoken on the little screen.
    Featuring Lawrence Leung, Fiona Harris,
    and John Richards.

    Sunday 4pm
    Over the weekend EWF staff will be going
    around to find four audience members most
    keen to get up on stage and share what
    they write and what they’re going to go
    home and write after a weekend of inspiring



    Join the intimate atmosphere in the Yarra Room and add your voice to the discussions about these writing forms.


    Saturday 11am
    While writing your first novel feels like pulling
    teeth, song writing’s effortless end product
    sometimes makes us think the process is all
    strumming guitars, staring out a window at
    beautiful scenery. Pick the brains of these
    talented music makers and see if song writing
    is as romantic as it seems. Featuring Gena
    Rose Bruce, Adam Curley and Evelyn Morris.
    Saturday 12pm
    From Broad City to Taylor Swift, these guys
    know what’s worth knowing in the pop culture
    world. But what even is pop culture – and why
    should we write about it? Across the web and
    print, these writers promote the cause of pop.
    Featuring Mel Campbell, Sinead Stubbins
    and Meg Watson.
    Saturday 2pm
    It seems like you can’t go a day without seeing
    a Facebook friend post their snaps from their
    latest trip – everyone’s always globetrotting
    without you. Past the photos and past the
    check-ins, how do we write about travel and
    how should we? Featuring Lorna Hendry,
    Alister McKeich and Torre De Roche.
    Saturday 3pm
    Some people are romance junkies, others like
    to be immersed in the world of sci-fi. Some
    of us dip our toes into a plethora of genres all
    at once – good writing is good writing, right?
    Come along to see the genre worlds collide
    as we chat romance, sci-fi and all things
    genre. Featuring Karys McEwen, Liam Jose
    and Elizabeth Beaton
    Sunday 11am
    What protocols should we follow when writing
    the other? How can we educate ourselves on
    language that is inclusive and how do we avoid
    language and terms that are offensive and
    damaging? Featuring Fotis Kapetopoulos,
    Bhakthi Puvanenthiran, and Jessica Yu.
    Sunday 12pm
    Writing can be isolating even in the biggest
    city. How do you stay connected when you’re
    physically isolated too? These writers might
    not be from the big smoke, but they’re on fire.
    Join their conversation on how living rural can
    influence your work. Featuring Erin Handley,
    Esther Anatolitis, and Honey Brown.
    Sunday 2pm
    Reading and writing is changing, with more
    works online than ever before. Are bloggers
    really the pioneers of online publishing? What
    are the advantages of publishing your own
    work and how can you form a successful
    and enduring platform? Featuring Sam van
    Zweeden, Michelle McLaren and
    Meghan Brewster.
    Sunday 3pm
    What we talk about when we talk about
    talking. In the solitary world of writing it’s
    nice to hear a voice that’s not on the page,
    especially if they’re talking about your
    favourite book. From the funny to the surreal,
    these podcasters live in your headphones and
    help your quiet afternoons. Bring the chat,
    IRL. Featuring Rebecca Shaw, Peter Taggart
    and Ben McKenzie.

    Melbourne Town Hall Weekend Pass: Full $90 / Concession $75
  • #selfies

    Sat 30 May, 7:30 PM

    What does a picture of yourself say about… yourself? Find out as we challenge eight writers to bare all, pictorially – narrating their inner-selves with a series of selfies. Come hear autobiographical tales in a visually stimulating environment! Bring your iPhone/camera/mirror.

    Featuring Ellena Savage, Ronnie Scott, Liam Pieper, Jackson Eaton and more.

    Presented in partnership with SPOOK Magazine

    Schoolhouse Studios $17 full/$15 concession

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